Department at a Glance

Department of Zoology



Department of Zoology wasestablished in 1962 with Graduation Level, which remained till 1981. From 1982,the department got Postgraduate level. The museum of Zoology has more than 500Species in which many of them are rare species. The laboratory is well equippedwith modern upgraded instruments and Internet Facility. There are two researchguides in the Department of Zoology. This is proud movement for the Departmenthaving a list of Alumnies appointed to higher categories of Govt. and Privetsectors, like Dist. Judge, Deputy Collector, DSP, Asst. Professor, andScientist etc. Biodiversity and Wildlife conservation awareness program,workshops, Seminar, Lecture and other various activities are being conductedcontinuously by the department. The theme of Department is “Save Wildlife”