About Library

Digvijay College BLIB & ISC COURSE STARTED 2023

The library of this College, which is housed now in a double storied functional independent building with greenery all around, in a peaceful environment, located at the heart of the campus. This is unmatched, to any other library of this region, so far its services, collection, staff and readers are concerned, was established in 1957. Apart from providing all conventional services for the readers ranging from under graduate students to eminent scholars, this library is having computer network facility with Inflibnet and Soul Web OPAC connectivity. Eight computers and one Kiosk with this facility have been dedicated to readers only for their e-reading in digital library section. Library has a reprographic section equipped with photocopier and digital scanner.

Library remains open from 10.30 AM to 5.30 PM on all working days.
The Faculties, Research Scholars and Students can become the members of the library after filling the prescribed form. Membership cards are issued to the members to enable them to borrow from the library. These cards are strictly non- transferable. The rules governing the functioning of the library are notified from time to time for the benefits of members. Books are issued for 14 days. It is advised not to keep the books beyond due date to avoid overdue fines. SC and ST students can avail books up to the end of examinations under Book Bank, other students can avail this depositing security which is refundable.
Three extra books are issued to five merit holders of each class and to each specially abled  and Naxal hit students.

Presently 98142 books are available in the library and currently subscribe 26 journals. A total of 200 seating arrangements are presently available in first floor of Library with one independent space for ‘Reference Books, Books on Career and ‘research periodicals’ respectively. More than 45 Bound Research Journals, 17 PhD dissertations, most of important Encyclopedias,Dictionaries are available in library. The publications of the College faculties are also made available in the Research cum Reference Section separately.