Message of the Chairperson

Dr. K.L. TANDEKAR Chairperson

Since its inception in 1957, Govt. Digvijay P.G. Autonomous College stands as a source of knowledge to its students and entrusts them with the responsibility to share with the society and the world at large what they have received. As NAAC has launched the concept of setting the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the Institute to build a sustainable quality bench mark for various academic and administrative activities in the Institute; in continuance of this the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Govt. Digvijay Auto. P.G. College was formed in 2012 with the vision to channelize the efforts of the Institution towards academic excellence and progress. The IQAC harnesses synergies from all its constituent units for developing an all-encompassing quality culture in the college and plays a greater role in congregating the institutional effort for quality. We try to nurture our students with active emphasis on all three aspects of integrated and holistic education e.g. physical, intellectual and value education. We promote continuous engagement between college and industry to produce industry oriented graduates. In this setting, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell is working as a catalyst to accelerate the growth of the institution in future. We seek active participation of stakeholders in this regard for the betterment and progress of the College.